Top 5 Sites to Buy Android App Reviews

Top 5 Sites to Buy Android App Reviews

As app developers, if you want your application to gain more traction and visibility, the best way is to Buy Android App Reviews. It helps in rising through the Google Play Store ranks and also makes for an increase in downloads and conversion rates. The following are the top 5 sites that you can rely on for the same-

Buy App Reviews Android

Buy App Reviews is an excellent site for you to purchase Android app reviews. There are a number of packages that you can choose from based on your requirements and affordability. The platform works on a very simple premise wherein you choose a package, reviews are obtained from genuine users, and you can track your ratings as per your desire. Such scalable and credible reviews are bound to give you the results you are looking for.


App Apes is an application reviewing platform where you can Buy Android App Reviews. It has a huge database and has a slightly different style of rating and reviewing the apps. There is a criterion on which the app is first rated, this includes- gameplay, replay value, and graphics. Once it is individually scored on these lines, the app is then collectively rated.

Android Tapp

Android Tapp is a great platform for app developers. This is mainly because it gives app developers a global platform to showcase their applications and get recognition. Most people prefer this site for its accurate and genuine ratings.

Mobile App Daily

MobileAppDaily is a widely used app to Buy Android App Reviews among developers. It offers a variety of features and technologies that even go beyond just reviews. They provide in depth analysis of your app ratings, detailed reports, marketing strategies, etc.

101 Best Android Apps

101 best android apps allow developers to submit their app for it to be rated. All the apps on this platform are separated based on categories such as Business, Education, Gaming, Designing, E-commerce, etc. Such categorisaton ensures that your application is reaching the right audience. The ratings and reviews of the applications have a detailed description alongside them.

When you buy Android app reviews, make sure the platform you resort with checks all the boxes. Since it is essentially an investment for your business, you must not compromise and only go for the best. Refer to the platforms mentioned above, do your due diligence in research, and then make a sound decision for the betterment of your app!

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